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Skydive Australia

Skydive Australia, North Wollongong
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Skydive directly over the beach in Wollongong and experience the widest blue yonder you will ever know. 

Securely attached to your experienced tandem instructor, you will be guided through your entire skydive. 

Your adventure will begin with a safety briefing followed by a scenic plane ride to height over some of NSW's most spectacular beaches. 

As the excitement builds, your expert instructor will prepare you for the countdown and together you will make the ultimate jump from up to 14,000ft above the beach. 

After you experience free-fall reaching speeds of up to 220km/h for up to 60 seconds, your instructor will pull the chute and you will soar serenely like a bird for over 5 minutes taking in the breathtaking views. 

If you are feeling brave, take control and steer the parachute - don't worry, they've got your back!